Jonas Snitt, grew up in Paris and moved to Sweden in year 2000 and got his first guitar at the age of 13. He later on studied classical guitar in a music highschool in Stockholm called Lilla Akademien. After the graduation he decided to play electric guitar with other musicians. The creative process started in the autumn of 2007 in a music school in the north of Sweden called Sjöviksfolkhögskola, where Jonas wrote his first songs.

Jonas idea was to create something new, combining electric and acoustic music together and write music that is inspired of the 60s and 70s with his own touch.

The band was named The Jones Experience with Jonas Snitt on leadvocals and guitar, Robert Drewstad on drums, Eric Ahlqvist on bass and Tor Sandell on piano. They played at some music competitions and made a lot of concerts in Sjövik and Stockholm. After two years at Sjöviksfolkhögskola he moved back to Stockholm to start a solo career.

Jonas Snitt participated in the television program The Voice Sweden 2012 and joined the team of Carola Häggkvist who is one of Sweden’s greatest singers. Carola told that Jonas was a ” record company’s dream ” because of his voice and knowledge about music. During the spring of 2012 the song Feel the light was played at the Swedish national radio channel P4.

Since then he has done a lot of live performances, written many songs and recorded EP albums. The musical journey will always continue!